About us

APASIO – “A passion” for Africa! What has taken us away from other possibilities: our unlimited commitment to nature conservation.

It is our passion to introduce animals to nature in a sustainable way. That’s why we work with the best guides in the country and often far from the normal tourist routes. We cooperate with lodges that demonstrably implement the idea of nature conservation and environmental protection and we are involved in nature conservation projects.

We work with the people who live and bond in this country. Not only do we want to give a memorable experience during the safari, but we want you to share our conviction and passion with us, that it is important to preserve nature and the creatures living there for generations to come. We have 25 years experience in tourism, of which 10 years in Kenya, we know our way and are happy to advise you!

Elizabeth Kendi Kinge-Wirth, Director Apasio Safari

We are the ideal partner for your wish trip to Kenya!